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Datamotive Training

SAP Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Our Training Programs​

Web Intelligence Report Design - Basic

  • Goal : This course will prepare participants to design reports using Web Intelligence and share analysis with other users 
  • Audience : BI Consultant, Business Analyst, Business User, Power User 
  • Prerequisites : None
  • Duration : 2 days 

Web Intelligence Report Design - Advanced

  • Goal : Participants will gain knowledge to create complex Web Intelligence documents using advanced query and reporting techniques 
  • Audience : BI Consultant, Business Analyst, Busiess User, Power User 
  • Prerequisites : Web Intelligence Report Design - Basic
  • Duration : 2 day 

Business Objects Data Services (BODS)

  • Goal : Participants will gain the knowledge in implemeting, adminstering, and managing data integration and data quality projects 
  • Audience : Data Warehousing consultants and project managers with basic knowledge of Data Warehousing and data integration concepts
  • Prerequisites : Basic knowledge of data warehousing and ETL (Extraction, Transfer and Loading) concepts 
  • Duration : 2 days 

Information Design Tool (IDT)

  • Goal : Participants will gain comprehensive skills needed to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes and using data from different source systems (SAP and non-SAP) with the SAP BusinessObjects BI client tools.
  • Audience : Application Consultant, Data Consultant / Manager, Database Administrator, Developer Consultant, System Administrator, System Architect 
  • Prerequisites : Working knowledge of SQL and relational, also OLAP database management systems, concepts, and structures
  • Duration : 2 days 

SAP Analytics Cloud - Business Intelligence

  • Goal : This course provides an overview of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). The major focus is BI functionality, how to build, navigate and explore Stories 
  • Audience : BW, SAP HANA and SAP BO Consultants, Power Users, Business Analyst 
  • Prerequisites : None
  • Duration : 2 days 

SAP Analytics Cloud - Planning

  • Goal : This course will cover an introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud Planning, Core functionality and advanced planning functions, Collaboration and content management related to planning activities 
  • Audience : Application consultant, Business Analysts, Data Consultant 
  • Prerequisites : SAP Analytics Cloud - Introduction
  • Duration : 2 days 
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