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A warm welcome to Christine, DataMotive's new Talent Manager!

Christine, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?


I am still enjoying the ride on Tram 4 and I am the happy mom of Jim (5 years old) and ‘bonus’ mom of Sara (12) and Stephen (9). I am married to Dirk, a passionate chef running his own catering business.

I live with my family in Emblem/Ranst (close to the city of Lier) and we co-habit with my mom (72) which is very pleasant and convenient with 3 kids, a self-employed husband and a challenging job 😊.

My student days are long gone, but for your interest I graduated in Business Management, minor accountancy & tax and I post-graduated in Journalism. 

I started my career at DPG Media (aka De Persgroep) as a Sales Manager of advertising space. In 2007 I swapped the media for Human Resources and I have been passionate about people and their talents ever since. I’ve worked as an HR consultant for several years and did some interesting temporary assignments in recruitment and talent management for different companies such as The Estée Lauder.

When I am not working I just love to hang out with my husband and kids. I love binge watching series and travelling. When the weather allows it (read ‘perfect conditions) I love to work in the garden. I have a close circle of (girl)friends and we do lots of things together… I used to have a very busy social life but the last few years my family became priority number one.

Why did you choose DataMotive? 

I felt and feel the same drive and enthusiasm talking to Geert, Maarten and Nick. I am a dedicated and enthusiastic professional, a true teamplayer and I appreciate open and direct communication. It was not hard to connect the dots… 😉

I want to go the extra mile for my team. I am proud to be part of the DataMotive family. I believe that we have lots of potential and can become an even stronger team. So let’s work hard and play hard! 

Working in Business Intelligence is new for me and I can’t wait to dive into this matter and engage with our consultants and customers.

How will you help DataMotive forward?

I am convinced that I can make a difference for the talented consultants working for DataMotive. We will continue to build our brand and typical DataMotive-DNA. I hope to get to know all of you soon and be able to provide you with whatever education/training/advise/… you need.



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