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SAP delivers a quick and easy solution to access data anytime, anywhere, giving you a competitive edge.


RoamBI is a versatile, lightweight visualization app for IOS and Android. It was launched in 2008 as a solution for data visualization on mobile devices. Since 2010, with the launch of the iPad, this comprehensive toolbox is your ideal mobile companion. One of the unique selling points is that RoamBI is built from the start with mobile devices in mind. This results in a user-interface with an easy, intuitive and a compelling experience.

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Creating dashboards is easy, with a few clicks one can be built in minutes, literally. This ease of use is achieved by providing a varied collection of templates in which KPI’s can be added. This might make it seem restrictive at times. If you do not like the template, little can be done to change it.

These templates have been thoughtfully created with an uncompromising attitude towards mobile use. This approach is brilliant in its simplicity. It requires you to think with a keep it simple mentality. Meanwhile, the mobile user experience is guaranteed. The dashboard creator avoids creating complex dashboards that will fail on the limited resources of mobile devices.

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RoamBI can connect to a wide variety of datasources and platforms. It can be integrated to on Premise BI platforms like the SAP BI Platform. You can also upload flat files into the cloud using the design app in your browser.

The dashboards are synced to the mobile device with the data included. This enables you to consume the dashboards while commuting, without having to worry if your internet connection is live.  


RoamBI was created to bring easy mobile access to data across the organization. The ease of use and mobile-focused design vastly outweighs the limitation of dashboard design. It has great potential to become a key pillar in the analytics strategy of your company. It enables end users with direct access to accurate business information with great simplicity. Allowing the right decisions being taken at the right time.


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