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Sap Hana Analytics

SAP HANA. It's time!

Let's gather the pieces and solve the puzzle.


Nowadays data is everywhere. It's on devices you own and those you don't. It’s on the earth, below the earth and sometime, up there in the Cloud. Not only it is everywhere, but it is also growing like never before. Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte, Yottabyte... you name it and for sure we will reach it pretty soon. It’s the beginning of a new era: Gartner likes to call it “The Digital Industrial Economy”. In front of this new challenge, every CEO, every IT manager, should ask himself a question of survival: How are we going to handle this digital transformation?

Let's gather the pieces and solve the puzzle. First and foremost the digital data storage, during the last decades the industry has undergone a revolution. The capacity to store massive digital data is no more the main focus. The real deal, the hidden part of the iceberg is: How to gain insight from such colossal data volume in a blink of an eye?

In order to process high volume of data, we believe that a high performance analytic appliance plays an important role in the equation. Since SAP launched HANA, significant innovations have been introduced. That’s the reason why SAP HANA is positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

Sap Hana

Let’s take a look at the key advantages you can gain from moving to SAP HANA:  

  • SPEED/AGILITY - In today's fast-changing environment, successful business in most of the cases will require quick decision-making process. Unfortunately, traditional data warehouses often struggle to keep up with rapid changes. By plugin SAP HANA on top of your systems, you can take advantage of the in-memory technology and data modeler to gain a much faster and more flexible way to analyze large volumes of data.    
  • PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS - Business Intelligence is used to understand what happened in the past in order to improve tomorrow’s decisions. To stay ahead of the competition one must quickly uncover trends, anticipate behaviors and take pro-active actions. The advanced analytical processing capabilities of SAP HANA brings a new business perspective by identifying the likelihood of future outcomes. Understanding what happened and predicting what will happen can only help in making better strategic decisions.
  • SIMPLICITY - Being On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid, SAP HANA lets you easily scale your infrastructure in alignment with your business needs. You can decide what should stay and what should move to SAP HANA. In other words, you move at your own pace and, most importantly, you don’t have to revamp your current system (universes, reports, data warehouse, data models, and so on). SAP has done a tremendous work on the platform integration, thus simplifying the migration process. 

Old fashioned data warehouses have had their moments of glory. In a world that keep moving faster and getting bigger, customers need a flexible and responsive environment. SAP HANA appears to be a good alternative to perform this digital transformation. Especially for those who run their businesses on SAP.

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