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We welcome Steff Vermeesch in our Business Development Team

Steff, could you tell us a bit more about yourself?


Currently I am 24 years old and Kontich has been my hometown for nearly 22 years. Which it became after being born in Wilrijk and living in Antwerp for 2 years. 

During my high school years, in Sint-Rita College Kontich, I got a degree of Economics with a minor in languages. After which, I gave law school a short try but decided to pursue a degree in International Business Management at Karel De Grote Hoge school.

In my spare time I enjoy riding my race bike or hitting a few balls on the golf court. Aside from my hobbies, I also run a small start-up that aims to support starting artists in commercial and administrative challenges.


Why did you choose DataMotive?

I was very aware that my education was filled with business courses but lacked technical depth. This is why I looked for a job where my education in business would be complemented by experience in a technical environment.

When I got into conversation with DataMotive, I knew this was what I was looking for. Working in Business Intelligence and an SAP-focused company is the perfect combination of a technical and business environment to me. 

Aside from that environment and product, I felt an immediate connection when meeting the team of DataMotive. Straightforward, honest and a no-bullshit mentality is what ensured me that this was the perfect match.


How will you help DataMotive forward?

I’m active in the sales team, working closely with Stephanie, Maarten and Geert. To complement the current sales process, I’ll approach the market in a pro-active way, create demand generation and aim to increase sales. My main focus will be on Total Care-packages and SAP Licensing deals. 


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