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Predictive Analytics: Explainable. Easy. Scalable.

The Tangent Information Modeler builds high quality, explainable models on continuously evolving data in any circumstances. Predictive analytics for time series in use cases such as forecasting and anomaly detection. Right into your favourite data analytics solution without the need for any data scientist.

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Why build your predictive analytics business?

Analysts agree that data science and predictive analytics are currently one of the hottest markets allowing businesses to make data driven decisions.According to McKinsey, those that are fast to adopt AI and ML in their organizations will outperform their peers by 122% over the next 10 years.

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What is TIM?

TIM, or Tangent Information Modeller, is an automatic predictive model building engine that automates the forecasting and anomaly detection process by analysing time series data and generating accurate models based on the patterns it detects.

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Machine Learning Maturnity

Thanks to TIM’s thorough automation of the model building process, no data scientists are required to get great results. Rebuilding and retraining models becomes easy and users can even leave model storage completely out of the picture with TIM’s RTInstantML technology. All of these features are brought together into a scalable architecture.

Tangent Work Features



Getting information from data often is difficult and requires expertise. This is particularly true in time series analysis, because of its highly dynamic nature. Many usecases come down to forecasting with time series. This is exactly the subject in which TIM excell. Tangent Works reduces the need for valuable resources ( time, money, expertise) and helps users to leverage insights that are hidden in their data.



TIM automates feature engineering while many other modelling tools require manual feature engineering that requires a domain expert. This manual proces takes a long time, especially since the number of combinations grow exponentially with the number of input variables.



TIM's automation allows the enine to create models with equivalent or even better accuracy then the manually built models. And all this in a matter of minutes.



TIM is built to be efficient and can process huge datasets in minutes time. This means users can automatically create many models and update those models as frequently as desired.  TIM helps companies to handle the increasing demand for predictive models by automating the most tedious aspects of model building.



Explaining the model(s) the people who depend on them is a great challenge of predictive modelling. TIM presents its models as an equivalence in a human-readable format, which can be visualised as a map that shows the weights of and relationships between the model’s input variables.



The architecture of the Tangent Information Modeller ( TIM) , is optimised for smooth integration with existing databases, BI tools and other enterprise applications. To realise this, all of TIM’s functionalities are easily accessible through its REST API. This structure also guarantees the utmost deployment flexibility.

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