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Jari 1

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Jari. I am a BI Consultant and a Datamotivator

Converting and transforming raw data into meaningful information and new insights to make our customers even stronger in their core business. That describes my job in one sentence. Extracting source data from applications and uploading it to our data warehouse, on which we build reports with our BI tooling (eg: Bussiness Objects, Power BI). That's already a bit more concrete, isn't it?

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I have the lead in an application where files can be checked for reimbursements to insurance companies. A custom-built application, where previously you could only retrieve data within the application itself. Drafting a good report was very difficult. What I do specifically: build our own dataflow and transformations to make reporting and visualisation possible within Business Objects.

I experience Datamotive as a very open and family environment. We are colleagues, but because of our common focus it feels like a slightly closer bond. Our many events contribute to this. The fact that our management always participates helps to maintain our flat hierarchy. Actually, most of the time it feels like Geert (Managing Director) is 'just' a colleague. Except for during the wage negotiations, that is 😉.

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Drivers (This is us)

  • The ability for continuous improvement and perfecting my trade
  • Contact and communication with various stakeholders
  • Making people’s work easier
  • Connecting with my own teammates 

Turnoffs (This isn't us)

  • Focus on quantity
  • “This is how it’s been done for … years” 
  • People who take themselves too seriously
Jari 2

My sporting schedule

  • Monday: Resting
  • Tuesday: Run 13km
  • Wednesday: Resting
  • Thursday: Run 16km
  • Friday: Resting
  • Saturday: Run 21km
  • Sunday: Resting
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These are my skills. We’re looking for people who compliment with our team, not a clone.

Systematic working
Reporting design
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Our application procedure

We like to keep our application process short and efficient, while still allowing enough time for us both to make the right decision. We believe in two-way traffic: so feel free to ask as many questions as you’ll receive!

Jari Christine

Your first interview

You will start with an interview with me (Jari) and Christine (our people and talent manager).

Geert Datamotive

Meet 'the boss' ;-)

Your second interview will be with Geert, Datamotive's forerunner.

Internal Refelction Final

Internal reflection

The last step to ensure that we are a match made in (data)heaven.

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Let's put it on paper

We will be happy to give you a summary of the process you went through, moreover you will receive a proposal from us.

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Sounds like you'll fit in?
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Apply for our job opening as BI consultant via the form below if you are interested and (data)motivated to ride along in Datamotives next chapters. We will get in touch with you shortly after your application.

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