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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Benjamin. I am a BI Support Engineer and a Datamotivator

I am active in the TotalCare part of DataMotive. What exactly does this mean? Well, I help customers with questions about their data systems and look for solutions, but of course it doesn't stop there. I also monitor the systems so that everything continues to run smoothly. This allows our customers to continue working without worries and go to sleep every night with a peace of mind, knowing that someone is watching over their systems. In addition to monitoring and providing solutions, I also provide feedback. What are the "best practices" and how can we apply this (together) in their environment.

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Every customer/project is different. This means that I often do research to find where things go wrong. This allows me to look for a solution for the customer in a much more targeted way. As you have already heard "Google is your best friend" and that is right on the money in this job. Fortunately, in addition to Google, there are also enthusiastic colleagues with (a lot of) experience, where you can always go for feedback or extra information.

The diversity in our customer portfolio also means that not a single day looks the same at my job. One day you're doing research and testing on our specially designed test systems, the next you're doing a migration for a customer. In short, you will never get bored ;). DataMotive feels like a small 'data' family, where you feel right at home. At one of our many events you also get to know everyone better and many ideas are exchanged.

Are you also someone who likes to solve (major) issues, and who wants to test the latest gadgets in the data world? Then you can always contact me for a short conversation and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Drivers (This is us)

• Team work, support amongst colleagues when stuck on a project
• Get to the bottom of a problem and find the solution
• The huge variety of themes & clients that need to be explored
• The positive feedback I get after finding a solution
• Continuous learning


Turnoffs (This isn't us)

• Long waiting for feedback on solutions that were supposedly 'urgent'
• I wouldn't feel good if you were just a number in an organization
• Providing a solution that the customer does nothing with

This Is Benjamin2

My ideal festival summer

  • June: 
    • Graspop
  • July: 
    • Rock Werchter (my favorite 😊)
    • Dour Festival
    • Tomorrowland
  • August:
    • Pukkelpop

And of course, many more small festivals throughout the year
               *In a world without Corona

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These are my skills. We’re looking for people who compliment with our team, not a clone.

Analytical skills
Logical thinking
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We like to keep our application process short and efficient, while still allowing enough time for us both to make the right decision. We believe in two-way traffic: so feel free to ask as many questions as you’ll receive!

Benny Ch


You will start with an interview with me (Benjamin) and Christine (our people and talent manager).

Geert Datamotive


Your second interview will be with Geert, Datamotive's forerunner.

Internal Refelction Final


The last step to ensure that we are a match made in (data)heaven.

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We will be happy to give you a summary of the process you went through, moreover you will receive a proposal from us.

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Apply for our job opening as BI Support Engineer via the form below if you are interested and (data)motivated to ride along in Datamotive's next chapters. We will get in touch with you shortly after your application.

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