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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Dimitri. I am a Data Innovation Consultant and a Datamotivator

As a data innovation consultant, I support companies in recognising how valuable data can be for their business. While data analysts and data scientists typically work within the IT department and see the data itself as the starting point, my job is to brainstorm with the end-users of the finance, sales, R&D or supply chain departments about how data can help them make better decisions on a daily basis or how to make their business processes run smoother. And believe me, there are many opportunities out there and there is still a lot of missionary work to be done 😊.

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I do this by facilitating workshops. In these co-creation workshops, we ("we", because usually there are two of us) think together with a number of stakeholders of the client about how data can create value around a certain topic, e.g. how can we optimise the logistics process of loading and unloading trucks using data. I then write down the elaborated idea in a business case, which we then discuss with the IT people, who bring us back down to earth. After all, in the workshops everything is possible, but in the harsh reality of legacy systems and data quality issues, this can sometimes be rather disappointing...

What I like about my job is the variety and creativity. Because these are rather short projects, I encounter many customers in all sorts of different sectors. Moreover, the topics vary from cross-selling in a service company to maintenance contracts for lease cars. This also brings me into contact with very different profiles, both of the client as well as colleagues from DataMotive, to whom I can always turn for advice. If you enjoy helping companies evolve into data-driven organisations like I do, then feel free to contact me for a chat or a ping-pong match*.

*If you can beat me, you'll be hired on the spot. Challenge accepted?

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Drivers (This is us)

  • Continuous learning
  • Simplifying complex solutions
  • Problem solving

Turnoffs (This isn't us)

  • People who’re not open for innovation
  • Monotonous work
  • Doing something without knowing why
This Is Dimi2

My sporting schedule

I started playing table tennis in 2007 and have been doing so ever since. Each week I have a training on Wednesday in order to be prepared for the match on Friday.

In the winter, I love going to the mountains to ski with friends. I have done so for every year since I was 6 years old, only to be interrupted once by the coronavirus. So perhaps I might just go twice this year to make up for the lost year :-)

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These are my skills. We’re looking for people who compliment with our team, not a clone.

Clever questioning
Open to new ideas
Business Acumen
Can Do- attitude
Strategic insight
Presentation skills
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We like to keep our application process short and efficient, while still allowing enough time for us both to make the right decision. We believe in two-way traffic: so feel free to ask as many questions as you’ll receive!

Dimi Ch Kopie


You will start with an interview with me (Dimitri) and Christine (our people and talent manager).

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Your second interview will be with Geert, Datamotive's forerunner.

Internal Refelction Final


The last step to ensure that we are a match made in (data)heaven.

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We will be happy to give you a summary of the process you went through, moreover you will receive a proposal from us.

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Apply for our job opening as Data Innovation Consultant via the form below if you are interested and (data)motivated to ride along in Datamotive's next chapters. We will get in touch with you shortly after your application.

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