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What if the CEO asks …

With how many people are we exactly today in our company?


Possible answers could be:

  • CFO: Last time I checked; we were with …
  • HR: That figure seems not accurate, we are with …  
  • Sales & Marketing: Okay…in our messaging we use … 
  • Operations: How do you calculate?

The reality is that in most cases organizations have no correct number available, how come?  One could say, it is not critical to the business to know the exact number, so why bother.. Or, the business is growing so fast, it is hard to keep track…

Why do we sometimes ask this question to our customers? Because, it is a rather simple example of why data from different departments should be integrated to come to the correct figures. As long as this is not the case confusion will remain.

It is not only a matter of integrating data but equally important a matter of definitions. How do you calculate the total number of employees, do you include interim, subcontracting, freelance or only payroll people? The definition should be communicated clearly so no false interpretations are possible.

A third reason is privacy, as it concerns sensitive data this data cannot just be shared or integrated across the company. A data governance policy should be in place on how to deal with this in line with the GDPR compliancy rules. But there are technical solutions to this such as blurring of certain fields in the data which still allows you to make a count without seeing the personal data itself.

Once you have programmed a system that counts the correct number of people in your company you are not there yet.. As this number will vary in time you need a system that will update this figure on a regular basis. 

The SAP Digital Boardroom is a perfect solution to this. It gives top decision makers real-time, digital-enterprise insight into integrated line-of-business data. With SAP Digital Boardroom, users can more readily monitor, simulate, and support business change to meet the expectations of customers, business partners, and employees.

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Do you want to know more on how to integrate your corporate data in a correct way to help you make decisions more simplified? 

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