We deliver you a wide variety of tailored and packaged business analytics services so that you can achieve your business objectives by taking data driven decisions.


We have over fifteen years of experience in designing business analytics solutions with SAP technology.


Are you a team player with a love for data, a passion for SAP technology and the ambition to be the best?


DataMotive delivers business analytics services and expertise with SAP technology.

SAP BI 4.2 Seminar

The SAP BI 4.2 Platform will be released in Q1 of 2016. Join our seminar on February 26 at the House of Innovation and get a sneak preview.


About us

Back in 1997, we started as a small team of business consultants who were enthusiastic about upcoming technologies that promised us the ability to take data driven business decisions. These technologies provided us a corporate platform for disseminating information within an organisation and the enablement of business people to analyse data without requiring advanced IT skills. We quickly discovered that we could only be successful if we combined our consulting skills with a solid technological solution and that is why we started our partnership with one of the fastest growing business technology companies at that time, being BusinessObjects.

A solid business intelligence strategy is not only about the analysis, presentation and dissemination of information, but also about the collection, processing and retention of data. Therefore we extended our expertise in the area of enterprise information management by adopting commonly known data warehouse architecture and modelling techniques, and by learning the ins and outs of extract-transform-load (ETL) technologies. This continuous learning and improving has become part of our nature. We are our proud to say that we can offer you today a wide variety of tailored and packaged services in all aspects of the business analytics domain. We have grown to a team of over 20 business analytics professionals with a qualification in SAP’s solution offering and we have a vast network of freelance consultants.

Originally we started as a center of excellence within Cronos, but as part of our growth strategy, we became an independent company and member of the Cronos Group in 2005. Because of this membership, we can combine our specialism in SAP Business Analytics with all available knowledge within the Cronos Group and its over 3.500 employees. This enables us tackle any kind of technology integration, which is always a challenge while setting up a corporate business analytics platform.

Our partners

DataMotive is working with SAP Business Analytics technology since 1997 and became an official SAP trusted partner in 2007.

In 2007 SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software, acquired the french company BusinessObjects.  Together they believed that this collaboration would enable SAP customers to gain significant business benefits through the combination of enterprisewide business intelligence and embedded analytics in transactional applications.

In 2015 SAP was again proud to announce his position as a leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics platform allowing their users to reinforce decision processes, intensify the customer value, and create long term competitive advantage through real-time and multidimensional business intelligence.

SAP’s higher purpose is to improve people’s lives and make world’s complexity simpler by connecting people and technology. That’s why SAP is highly investing and building up strong partnership with key world’s player to power innovations in every life’s domain such as sport, healthcare, entertainment, education, prosperity and to drive significant impact on a global level.

SAP Makes the World Run Better.