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Together we make the invisible visible. Through innovation.

Our business consultants inspire by unveiling the richness behind your data. They take you on a journey filled with insights and innovative ideas to accelerate your business strategy with data.

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Discovering the richness behind your data is the real added value you are searching for. This is where our data and business analysts come into play. They dive into your data and extract the hidden knowledge and untapped potential, by bringing you insights on your business processes, the market and the competition. Information that helps you make grounded decisions and improvements for the future.

We empower your business users to run your organization smarter and agile.

At DataMotive, we have developed an innovation program to help discover and extract new insights for your business. This process creates and nurtures ideas into real business cases and working prototypes. These prototypes can be hosted on premise or run in the DataMotive analytics cloud environment.

Innovate in 3 steps


Innovation workshops

Becoming a data-driven organisation is not an easy feat and the path towards it is unfortunately never straightforward. Such a complex problem is ideally tackled by bringing together staff members with diverging viewpoints and by using the explorative and co-creative processes of Design Thinking methodologies.


Data discovery business cases

Brainstorm and analyse how data can create business value and a positive ROI. By discovering and prioritizing the data use cases across your organization, you can design your custom-fit data strategy roadmap.


Proof of value (POC)

To work out ideas from a clear objective, gathering the available data and enrich (where needed) to create a prototype to prove value. To be able to validate a working prototype with the end users and iterate if needed.

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Curious how we can help innovate your business?

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Walk through our approach



Looking for new ways to help your department run smarter? We co-create insights in how to structure, enrich and visualize your data with agile and easy-to-use solutions.



DataMotive builds tailor-made end-to-end solutions, both on premise and in the cloud. Our certified consultants are available to support your analytics projects for short and long-term assignments.



Want to keep your analytics practice running smoothly? We offer our managed services to keep it running the way you want. So you can focus on your core business using an analytics platform you can always rely on.

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