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Build towards cloud-based data warehouses

Feeling lost in your data jungle? Still reflecting on how to manage, configure or tune your data warehouse? Our cloud-based project solutions eliminate those issues and ensure a fast and safe storage, analysis and transformation of your data. Allowing you to quickly answer business questions, anytime, anywhere.

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Build for the future

Today, almost every company wants/needs to be a more data driven company. Once the strategy is in place the BUILD phase usually follows. As there are many technologies available in today's market it is not easy to make the right choices. As the market of data analytics cloud solutions evolves at record speed, the future lies in the cloud. At DataMotive, we believe in an hybrid approach combining your existing data solution (ex. classic DWH) with a cloud platform (ex. Azure, HANA). This allows every company to transform at their own pace to their data dream in an agile way. 

Build in 3 steps


Data Platform

We build future proof -and agile data platforms by combining the power of cloud into your current data warehouse architecture. Implementing a sidecar approach where you can capitalize on your made investments and at the same benefit from the innovative analytics cloud features. Which allows you to scale on your own pace with state-of-the-art technology.


Modern Analytics

Every business is a complex business in terms of understanding all the relations between events, decisions, outcomes, etc. With modern analytics technology it is far more easy and faster to discover correlations and influencers in the data. We enable our clients to make use of these latest technologies such as ML, AI, predictive, ... to make business decisions simplified. 


Data Governance

Often data is organized in silo's and it is hard to create a single version of the truth. To fully monetize on your data it is key however to break the silo's and install a data governance framework. We help clients to implement a data driven culture and- approach. To organize -and secure data access throughout the whole organization. And democratize data to their employees. 

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Build your data strategy

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Walk through our approach



Looking for new ways to help your department run smarter? We co-create insights in how to structure, enrich and visualize your data with agile and easy-to-use solutions.



DataMotive builds tailor-made end-to-end solutions, both on premise and in the cloud. Our certified consultants are available to support your analytics projects for short and long-term assignments.



Want to keep your analytics practice running smoothly? We offer our managed services to keep it running the way you want. So you can focus on your core business using an analytics platform you can always rely on.

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