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Go For Gold

Go for Gold!

Many companies talk about BI, however, they often just do operational reporting. Leaving a huge business opportunity behind…

Retailers are sitting on a gold mine but do not have the tools to dig that gold. (Trends, 2/3/2017)

Often these enterprises struggle to make the business case to get things going. This can be for various reasons:

  • no clear idea on what is possible
  • a gap between business and IT
  • choices are led by the fancy features of a tool.

Go for Gold to make a greater impact in your market

How? In large organizations, we see a trend of creating business support units who bridge the gap between IT and business. These units combine analytical and business skills to create insights by means of data discovery. This kickstarts the process to inspire the business on what is possible. From here the business case is created and a clear project scope defined to put into production, together with IT.  

Go For Gold Team

Enterprises who don’t have the knowledge or means to build this kind of BI organization can rely on a BI partner to bring in the required skills and guidance. To be successful, there are a few important criteria to select the right partner for your organization:

  • one stop shop, offering all the required skills
  • clear vision on the importance of data governance
  • offering an agile BI platform to easily build proof of concepts.

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